Esoteric Pop-Up Gathering

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  • This is for a Consultation only to Book your esoteric Pop-Up DagDa 🔮 💫The idea is simple, put a little spiritual Zen touch in your moments between girls. This gathering is spiritual enlightenment, tarot reading, alignment, opening and cleaning of the chakras (holistic healing), meditation, magnetism, advice, Purification and several other personalized services according to your needs. In addition, an introduction to litho therapy and my Collection of high quality silver Jewelry with Energy infused Crystals. You are the owner of a store of a spa, hair salon, tanning salon or beauty. You want to offer your customers a complete beauty experience by joining the physical and psychic cares. Ideal also for the Bachelorettes , office party, birthday, etc. Organize your esoteric meeting, as desired, for brunch, at the hour of the aperitif, lunch, a 5/7, or even the evening in your in your living room, your garden, gyms, or during lunch at work time, all this is possible with our DagDa reunion. Besides, as hostess, you receive not only promotional offers and new guests, but you also have $ 30 to spend on items of DagDa Collection and a free Tarot Reading $100 (value). You just have to make a list of guests as well as to determine the date, time and place. Price on request according to your needs. For more information, contact Email: ~  blessings ~ DagDa