Am I Psychic?

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Welcome to our ‘I Think I’m a Psychic’ reading, a specialized service for those exploring their potential psychic abilities or encountering spiritual phenomena. This reading is ideal if you believe you might be psychic, especially if you’re experiencing interactions with spirits or unusual events in your home.

In this reading, we offer guidance and insights into your unique experiences. It’s designed for individuals who might be having astral travels, experiencing sleep paralysis, feeling the presence of spirits trying to communicate, or encountering any other unexplainable phenomena. We understand these experiences can be both intriguing and unsettling, and our aim is to provide clarity and direction.

We’ll delve into the nature of your experiences to determine if they are signs of psychic abilities or other spiritual phenomena. Our approach is empathetic and enlightening, providing a supportive environment for you to discuss these experiences and receive professional insights.

If you’re experiencing astral journeys, sleep paralysis, spiritual communications, or anything unusual and think it might be linked to psychic abilities, please contact us. Our ‘I Think I’m a Psychic’ reading is here to assist you in understanding these experiences, guiding you on how to manage them, and offering advice on the potential paths for your spiritual journey.


*Please note that my website does not feature a scheduling system. To arrange your tarot reading session following your purchase, kindly text me at 514-892-6909 with your order number. This is crucial for processing your request. Additionally, please include the name used for the order, a recent photograph of yourself, your date of birth, and, if available, your time of birth (this is optional but helpful for a more personalized reading).

I will respond within 5-7 business days with a scheduling link to book your appointment. Please be aware that appointment slots vary and may require up to a 3-week waiting period. It is important to note that I do not respond to emails. For direct, one-to-one appointments, please call me directly.

My readings are conducted in either English or French, according to your preference. For compliance with legal requirements, I must inform you that these psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.