Who is Dominique Arganese



 I’m Dominique Arganese, 38 years old, from Montréal, Quebec, Canada, with a heritage that combines deep Italian paternal origins and a vibrant Viking maternal lineage. My life has always been infused with a bohemian spirit and a deep connection to the natural world.

As a child, my sister and I escaped into a magical realm where fairies dwelled, and we became little white witches in our picturesque village. This enchanting world, where magic and reality merged, deepened our bond with nature, including plants, minerals, and animals.

From a young age, I had visions and often shared insights with others. As a wild, awakened child, my eyes were always keenly observant. My spiritual awakening began with a stark premonition in my youth, predicting the death of a friend’s father. This event, though traumatic, marked the beginning of my spiritual journey. At 14, I experienced astral travel and sleep paralysis, encountering spirits and expanding my esoteric understanding, though it was initially frightening and I felt trapped in the lower astral plane.

At 23, a life-changing encounter in Sedona, Arizona, with a wise woman who recognized me as a light worker, reinforced my spiritual path. She gave me precious cards, boosting my confidence. Raised in a progressive Christian setting where the significance of Jesus and Mary was emphasized and remains vital, I also developed an appreciation for each religion as a facet of a broader spiritual truth. Over time, I came to perceive God as a unifying Divine Energy that interconnects all forms of life..

Discovering tarot cards and crystals was like uncovering a hidden part of myself. Learning about our great-uncle Stefano’s psychic abilities in Italy and their influence on our family’s story, especially how my Nona met my grandfather, added depth to our spiritual understanding.

My mystical experiences, including profound premonitions and encounters with spirits during astral travel and sleep paralysis, were initially daunting. Overcoming these experiences was challenging, often feeling like an outsider due to impostor syndrome.

My journey into mysticism began casually, reading tarot cards and palms for friends after work in restaurants. Realizing the accuracy of my predictions, my confidence grew.

Living in a society that often stigmatizes unconventional experiences, I initially found it challenging to embrace my unique abilities. Yet, accepting my “strangeness” proved transformative, teaching me to see fears as opportunities for growth, and leading to my fulfillment in communicating with the departed.


Through client testimonials, I recognized that each person’s journey is unique, reflecting diverse paths and inner truths. Embracing my distinct qualities was a pivotal moment, allowing me to reconcile with myself and establish a space where others can explore their higher selves without fear. My aim is to guide each individual towards a deeper understanding of their true essence, beyond the superficial layers.


My Mission


Embarking on a transformative journey, I dedicate myself to guiding others in their quest for self-discovery and growth. This path, beginning with light-hearted readings, has evolved into a profound commitment to aiding individuals in connecting with their deeper selves. I utilize a range of practices - from interpreting dreams and recognizing synchronicities to engaging in prayer, meditation, and complete immersion in nature. These practices play a pivotal role in fostering inner peace and understanding, integral to our existence. Embracing my innate talents, I see challenges as gateways to personal development, helping others in uncovering and cherishing their inner essence.


With over a decade as a psychic, I’ve refined my skills in offering precise and insightful guidance. My approach is grounded in empathetic listening, keenly attuning to each client’s unique needs and concerns, and aiding them in surmounting fears and doubts.


Understanding the hesitation some have towards psychic consultations, often stemming from apprehension of the unknown, I offer a unique experience. My practice transcends mere future predictions; it’s a journey of personal evolution and discovery.


My abilities, deeply entwined with ancestral wisdom, add a distinctive dimension to my sessions. This profound bond with my heritage and intuition influences my practice, enabling me to provide sincere and meaningful advice and insights.


In this role, my goal is to elevate the typical psychic consultation. I am committed to illuminating paths, expanding viewpoints, and supporting my clients in navigating life’s complexities with a renewed and hopeful vision.