Journey into Professional Tarot Reading

Introduction to Advanced Tarot Learning:  

Vision and Objectives of the Training

Welcome to our in-depth training program on the Ryder Waite tarots, a unique experience designed for those who wish to delve into the depths of divination and mediumship through tarot. This training goes beyond traditional tarot learning; it aims to awaken and refine your intuitive and psychic abilities, guiding you towards advanced mastery of the tarot arcana.

Duration and Flexibility

Enjoy a 23-week long training program, with weekly sessions lasting between 45 minutes to 1 hour, delivered via webcam or telephone.

Enriching Knowledge

Develop a complete understanding of the 78-card tarot system, enhancing your skills in guidance and prediction.


Detailed Training Content


1. Deep Structure of the 78 Tarot Cards: Gain an in-depth understanding of the structure and symbolism of the entire deck.

2. Exploration of the 56 Minor Arcana: Dive into the unique energies and meanings of the Minor Arcana.

3. Detailed Analysis of the 22 Major Arcana: Receive comprehensive insights into each of the Major Arcana cards.

4. Practical Memory Tips: Learn practical tips and techniques to effectively memorize the cards.

5. Personalized Approach to the Arcana: Discover a unique and inspired interpretation of the tarot arcana, enriching your perspective and understanding of deep symbols and themes.

6. Intuitive Reading Methods: Learn and practice various intuitive card reading methods, allowing for a more personalized and profound approach.

7. Understanding Tarot Messages: Develop the skill to decipher what the tarot cards seek to communicate, going beyond superficial interpretations.

8. Intuitive and Original Exercises: Engage in a variety of exercises designed specifically to stimulate and strengthen your psychic and intuitive abilities.

9. Energetic Readings and Simple Techniques: Master simple yet powerful techniques for reading energies through the cards.

10. Personal Development and Psychic Abilities: Focus on expanding your own psychic abilities and exploring your personal potential through tarot.

11. Activation and Use of the Third Eye: Discover methods to open and use your third eye, enhancing your intuitive connection with the cards.

12. Tarot as a Channel for Spiritual Communication: Explore using tarot as a tool for communication with spiritual guides or the deceased.


Required Material and Practical Approach

It is imperative for participants to equip themselves with the Arthur Edward Waite’s Rider-Waite Tarot deck, which will be used as the main support throughout the training. We will also provide you with a set of resources and educational materials, including a complete course in PDF format.


Philosophy and Ethics of the Training

This training is rooted in a philosophy that recognizes tarot as a tool for introspective reflection and spiritual growth. We caution against using tarot to feed addictions or a spiritual ego and emphasize the importance of ethical and responsible practice. The tarot is approached as a mirror of the soul, revealing conscious and unconscious aspects of your personality and life path.

Commitment and Transformation

This program is an invitation to engage in an intense journey of personal and spiritual discovery. We will guide you step by step, providing a safe space to explore and develop your skills in tarot, mediumship, and clairvoyance. Together, we will explore the dynamics between chance, fate, and free will, and how tarot can serve as a valuable guide in your spiritual quest.


By joining this training, you commit to a journey of deep learning and growth, not only in the practice of tarot but also in your personal and spiritual development. We look forward to accompanying you on this enriching and transformative adventure.