The Love Tarot Spread ❤️

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"The love potential situation" (Single or in a Relationship) diagnosis of the relationship dynamics amongst two people. 

    1. You - What are you looking for in a this relationship? 
    2. Partner's Feelings  -  reveal how your partner truly feels about you
    3. Emotional Compatibility - How compatible are you emotionally?
    4. Physical Compatibility - How compatible are you physically?
    5. Mental Compatibility - How compatible are you mentally? Do you find similar things to be intellectually stimulating?                                                

*There is no schedule on my website. After purchasing your tarot reading session, please text me at 5148926909 with your order number (REALLY IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR ORDER PROCESSED) and include the name you used to order, a photo of you and your date of birth as well as the time of your birth (optional but practical). I will answer you within 5-7 working days with a calendar in order to schedule your appointment. The deadlines for the appointments are varied and can extend up to 3 weeks of waiting (Note that I do not respond to any email) If you want to make a one-to-one appointment with me, you call me directly. My readings are available in English or French. For legal reasons, I am required to state that these psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.