Akashic Journeys 📚

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Dive into the mysteries of your soul with ‘Akashic Journeys,’ a distinctive service we offer. In these sessions, I enter a trance induced by the hypnotic rhythm of shamanic drums, allowing me to access the Akashic Library. This sacred space holds the records of your soul’s journey across lifetimes. Through this connection, I can uncover details about your past life lovers and the karmic relationships that have shaped your current life experiences. By exploring these past life connections and understanding their impact, ‘Akashic Journeys’ provides you with profound insights and clarity, helping you to make sense of your present relationships and life path.

Furthermore, ‘Akashic Journeys’ is not only a voyage through past lifetimes but also a key to unlocking deeper understanding of your present. By exploring these ancient records, we can shed light on current situations and unravel the origins of any deep-seated traumas. This journey provides valuable insights into how past experiences influence your present behavior and emotions, offering a path to healing and growth. It’s a holistic approach, connecting the dots of your life’s story across time, empowering you with knowledge and understanding to foster personal development and emotional well-being.    

To book an Akashic Record journey with me, please send your four-digit order number via text message to 514-892-6909. Once I receive your four-digit order number, I will get back to you within five to seven days with a range of available times. This way, we can schedule our appointment at a time that works best for you. Ensuring a prompt and efficient booking process is important to us, so we can focus on your Akashic Record journey.  For the session, you should be in a private and isolated space, like a bedroom, to ensure a tranquil and undisturbed experience. Having access to a sound system for music is also essential. Being alone in this quiet environment is crucial for effectively engaging in the trance and connecting with me during the journey.