Connect to a Lost One

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Connect with a Lost One” is a deeply personal telepathic session designed to communicate with departed loved ones. In this unique experience, participants are not required to reveal any details about the deceased, including their name or gender. This approach ensures that the connection is purely telepathic, unaffected by any prior information.

During the session, my telepathic abilities enable me to establish a profound link with the spirit world. One of the most significant aspects of this connection is how the deceased individual reveals themselves to me. I distinctly hear or receive their name in a unique manner, almost like a clear vibration in my mind. This clear reception of their name is a key confirmation that the communication is genuinely with the intended person.

Furthermore, I experience and express the emotions of the deceased, ranging from sadness, which might cause me to cry, to aggression, mirroring the feelings they had. This empathetic bond provides authenticity and depth to our communication.

While there is no absolute guarantee of a connection in every case, particularly if the spirit has reincarnated, I successfully establish this meaningful contact in approximately 90% of the sessions.

Each “Connect with a Lost One” session is conducted with the utmost respect and sensitivity, honoring the special bond between the participant and their beloved departed. It offers more than communication; it’s an opportunity to feel the essence of the loved one, to understand their emotions, and to gain a sense of closure and peace.



Please note that my website does not feature a scheduling system. To arrange your tarot reading session following your purchase, kindly text me at 514-892-6909 with your order number. This is crucial for processing your request. Additionally, please include the name used for the order, a recent photograph of yourself, your date of birth, and, if available, your time of birth (this is optional but helpful for a more personalized reading).

I will respond within 5-7 business days with a scheduling link to book your appointment. Please be aware that appointment slots vary and may require up to a 3-week waiting period. It is important to note that I do not respond to emails. For direct, one-to-one appointments, please call me directly.

My readings are conducted in either English or French, according to your preference. For compliance with legal requirements, I must inform you that these psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.