Mystic Maidens Gathering Deposit

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Experience an Unforgettable Holistic Journey at the Woodland Loft with DagDa Boutique

Indulge in a unique day or evening experience with a small group (8 people) in the enchanting setting of the Woodland Loft. Our exclusive service is designed to provide you with an extraordinary holistic experience in tune with nature.

What Awaits You:

Purification and Cleansing Ceremony: Begin your adventure with a spiritual ceremony to purify your mind and body.
Personalized Private Sessions: Enjoy 40-minute individual private sessions, choosing from a variety of wellness services to suit your current needs.
Nature Activities: While sessions are ongoing, other group members can explore the surroundings. Whether it’s a relaxing forest walk, a restful moment in our witch-themed cabin, or a refreshing dip in our crystal-clear stream, there’s always something to discover.
Leisure and Relaxation: Take pleasure in paddle boarding on the lake, an idyllic picnic, or even a mystical visit to our small cave. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to feed squirrels and other wild animals.
Seasonal Beverages: Depending on the season, we welcome you with specially selected drinks to enhance your experience.

Booking Details for Your Group Gathering

Price: 100 per person
Group Size: 8 participants

Minimum Participants: 8 people for the quoted price

Reservation Deposit: A $250 deposit is required to secure and book the date of your event.

How to Proceed:

1. Pay the Deposit: To book your gathering, please pay the $250 deposit.
2. Send Your Order Number: After the deposit payment, text your 4-digit order number to 514-892-6909.
3. Provide Additional Details: In your message, include the number of participants and your preferred date.
4. Confirmation: We will contact you to confirm the date and finalize the details of your gathering.

We look forward to hosting your mystical gathering at our sacred grove!