Shamanic Journey

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Embark on an insightful voyage to the heart of your spiritual self with our 'Shamanic Journey'. This immersive journey goes beyond a mere experience; it transports you to the ethereal depths of your spiritual consciousness. As part of this engaging session, you will play an active role alongside me, plunging into the meditative pulse of shamanic drums, which will guide you in visualizing and establishing a connection with your animal totem. However, this encounter is not merely a meeting with an animal spirit. It's about comprehending the characteristics, strengths, and lessons this spirit imparts to your life.

The animal kingdom serves as a critical conduit in the process of spiritual awakening, providing a connection between the earthly domain and the Divine. In our 'Shamanic Journey', we will unravel how the Divine often communicates via animal-related synchronicities. Engaging with your animal totem paves the way for a deeper understanding of these messages, offering insights into your personal development and spiritual journey. This voyage is indispensable for those who wish to decipher the secrets of their soul, comprehend their role in the universe, and acknowledge the Divine links revealed by the animal kingdom. ‘Shamanic Journey’ welcomes you onto an enlightening trail where animal wisdom becomes a catalyst for self-discovery and spiritual illumination.

Please be advised that my website doesn’t provide a scheduling system. Post your purchase, to arrange your 'Shamanic Journey' consultation with me, you need to follow a few straightforward steps. Kindly forward your order number, full name, and a recent photograph of yourself. Also, provide your date and time of birth. These specifics are vital for me to process your request and personalize the journey according to your spiritual requirements. You can convey this information via text at 514-892-6909. Once I receive your details, we can initiate this transformational journey together, uncovering the spiritual insights and connections that lie ahead.

Within a span of 5-7 business days, I will revert with a scheduling link for you to secure your appointment. Please understand that appointment slots may vary and could necessitate a waiting period of up to 3 weeks. I would also like to note that I do not respond to emails. For immediate, one-on-one appointments, kindly reach out to me directly via call. My readings are conducted in either English or French, based on your preference. In accordance with legal norms, I am obliged to inform you that these psychic readings are solely for entertainment purposes.

To ensure an effective and immersive 'Shamanic Journey', it's crucial that you are alone in a serene, comfortable space during the session. Make sure a functional speaker is at your disposal, as sound quality is integral to the overall experience. This ambiance will facilitate a deeper connection with the meditative and spiritual facets of the journey, allowing for a more profound and significant exploration of your animal totem and the wisdom it imparts.