Shamanic Journey 🐺

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The Shamanic journey brings balance, harmony and raise your vibration by opening the connection to Spirit and healing. It consists in finding an entrance to the “Lower World”. Once this entrance is found, you may encounter your “Spirit animal ” or other “spirits”, in what is often experienced as a lucid dream. During the Session we will channel your Power animal (In shamanism, animals are messengers and spirit guide. They are directly connected with Mother Earth and initiate you to her secret. Animals comes in and out of our lives and through their power they teach us about ourselves. If you see an animal often it’s because he as a message for you and is medicine will relate perfectly to your present situation and challenges.) by reaching a shamanic trance states, typically described as “journeys to a non-ordinary reality”.  We will enter the trance states through the use of repetitive rhythmic drumming. We will access to information that comes through our mind, like symbolic vision. We could even see past lives trauma. We held the journey constant with the drum for fifteen minutes and then we discussed what we had perceived. You’ll discover tips for how to become a conduit for these healing energies, and how to transform what you learn into the knowledge your soul seek.