Full General Tarot Spread

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The “Full General Reading” transcends mere card interpretation; it’s a deep dive into your life’s narrative, offering intricate insights into the events, challenges, and opportunities that await. This reading is ideal for those seeking to decode the complexities of their lives through a refined psychic lens.

In this session, I harmonize my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience with the Rider Waite Tarot cards. Each card serves as a portal to precise visions and perceptions, illuminating your past, present, and potential future. My intuitive skills interlace with the card symbolism, revealing profound, personalized messages. From clear images to distinct sensations or specific sounds, every detail enriches the reading, providing a multifaceted understanding of your circumstances.

Embark on a profound exploration of self with our comprehensive General Reading session. We begin by delving into Angelic Numerology, a practice that highlights your unique gifts and the karmic lessons meant for you on Earth. This serves as a spiritual compass to discover your talents and define your life’s mission.

After exploring Numerology, we draw seven cards from the Rider-Waite tarot deck in ascending order, setting the stage for an insightful Tarot reading. My approach focuses on current manifestations rather than predicting the future. 

This reading emphasizes life as a creation of your intentions and actions. Should negative patterns surface, they are not fixed; they represent energies and possibilities ready for transformation. The session empowers you to recognize and alter these patterns, leading you towards a more fulfilling path.

The Reading also provides personalized advice and precise insights, sometimes even naming specific individuals. However, I cannot determine exact timings. This comprehensive reading addresses all your general queries, whether related to love, health, family, business, or other aspects. It’s a tool for deeper understanding, aiding you to navigate life’s complexities with enhanced insight and confidence.

There is no live schedule on my website. After purchasing your tarot reading session, text me at 5148926909 with your order number (vital for processing your order). Include your name, a photo, your date of birth, and optionally, your birth time. I will reply within 5-7 working days with a schedule for your appointment. The wait for appointments can extend up to three weeks (Note: I do not respond to emails). For direct appointments, call me. My readings, in English or French, are for entertainment purposes only, as legally required.

Divine Blessings